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Welcome to Coco Dreams Lanka (pvt) Ltd, a leading innovator in the manufacturing of coconut-based machineries. With our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancements, we are revolutionizing the coconut processing industry worldwide. Our Machines are Coconut Husk Chips Cutting Machine, Coco Peat Machine (Coconut Husk Powder Machine), Coconut Dehusking / Pelling Machine, Coconut Copra Cutter Machine, Coconut Oil Extraction Expeller Machine, Compost Making Machine and many products related to coconuts.
Our Coconut Products: 5KG Coco Peat Coconut Husk Powder bricks. 5KG Coconut Husk Chips bricks, 25 KG Coco peat chips bales, Coco Peat Coconut Husk Chips Briquettes, Coco Fiber Coir Mulch, Coir Mesh, Coco Peat Grow Bags, Coconut Husk Chips Grow Bags, Coco peat Open Top Bags and much more..

New Products

Coco Dreams Lanka Machineries

Coconut Husk Chips Machine - Single

coconut husk chips machine pollachi

Coconut Husk Chips Machine - Double

coconut husk chips machine double side

Coco Peat Husk Powder Machine

How is coco peat made?

Compost / Wood Chipper - Engine

Manufacturer Wood Chipper Shredder and Industrial Wood Chipper

Compost / Wood Chipper - Motor

wood chipper motor compost making machine

Manure / Compost Crusher Machine

ow pig chicken dung manure dewatering machine

King Coconut Husk Cutter/ Crusher

king coconut crusher

Coconut Husk Separater Machine

coconut husk separate machine

Coconut Oil Extraction Machine 05HP

coconut oil expeller machine in indonesia

Coconut Copra Cutting Machine 01HP

coconut copra cutter

Chilly and Spice Grinder Machine - OneShot Machine

Chilly and Spice Grinder Machine

Coconut Oil Extraction Machine 10HP

coconut oil machine sri lanka

animal feed pellet making machine Single Phase

animal pellet making machine

Material Transfer Belt Conveyor System

conveyor sri lanka

Rotary Sieving Machine For Sand and Coco Peat ETC

rotary seiver machine coconut husk chips coco peat

Chaff Cutter Farm Use Grass Cutter Machine

Grass cutter sri lanka

Multi Chopper Engine Type - Wood Chipper

Multi chopper Sri Lanka

Coconut Dehusking Machine - With Tail

coconut dehusking machine

Coconut Dehusking Machine - dual purpose

automatic coconut husk peeling machine

5KG Coco Peat Bricks Compressing Hydraulic Machine

buy coco peat compress 5kg machine

Product’s accessories

Coconut Husk Chips Machine Shoe Part

coconut husk chips machine spare parts

Coconut Chips Net Size (5mm to 25mm)

coconut husk chips machine in guyana

Carbon Steel blade set

coconut husk chips machine blades

Coco peat machine Shoe part

buy coco peat making machine

Coco Dreams Lanka Coconut Products

5 kg coco peat / coco chips blocks

5kg coco peat coco chips bricks

50 Liter coco peat coco chips bags

50 liter coco peat coco chips bags

25kg bales / jumbo bales

Coco peat husk chips briquette

Cocopeat for Plants

Coco fiber coir mulch

coco coir fiber mulch products

Coir Mesh Bio rolls production

Coir mat mesh rolls / bio roll

Coco peat husk chips Grow Bags

buy grow bag india sri lanka

Coco peat chips open top bags

coco peat chips open top bags


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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

Please read the testimonials which are received from our buyers.  A testimonial or show consists of a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product of Coco Dreams Lanka.

Coconut husk chips

I bought a coconut husk chipping machine from CoCo Dreams Company. The machine is good for the job. That is what I was looking for. I can highly recommend this service

Jassica Nia

From Philippines

coconut husk chips machine buyers

We ordered coconut husk chips and coco peat as samples from several companies in Sri Lanka. But many samples were rejected. Anyway, CoCo Dreams company had a best quality. That is why We continuously order.

Jacob Elordi

From Mexico

coconut husk chips

What a great machine!, Thank you all for providing best quality machine. Hope to buy more machines in the future. The machine was arrived on time without any damages.

John LIoyd

From Mexico

coconut husk chips machine india

There are a lot of machines on the market. I just searched good coconut husk chipping machine in our country. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to find a good machine. So, I paid for a machine from CoCo Dreams. Finally I could find and get the best machine. I am working for 2 years for now.

Suraj Ahuja

From India

Our Products Are Over The World

Here are top countries we export our products around the world.

  • coconut husk products sri lanka
  • Mexico

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