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The Largest Coco Peat and Coconut Husk Chips Manufacturer in the World

The Largest Coconut Based Machine Manufacture in Sri Lanka

Your trusted partner in the realm of coconut processing machinery. At Coco Dreams Lanka (Pvt) Ltd , we take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that redefine the coconut industry. With a comprehensive range of machinery including coco peat making machines, coconut oil extractors, and coconut husk chips making machines, we cater to the diverse needs of our global clientele. Our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with stringent quality standards, ensures optimal performance, efficiency, and sustainability in every product.

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Coco Dreams Lanka Machines - Largest Machine Manufacturer

Coconut Husk Based Machines

Coconut Husk Chips Machine – Single Side

coconut husk chips cutting machine

Coconut Husk Chips Machine – Double Side

coconut husk chips cutting machine price

Coco Peat Making Machine- Single Side

coco peat making machine

Coco Peat Making Machine- Double Side

coconut husk chips cutting machine

Automatic Coconut Dehusking Machine – CDM01

Automatic Coconut Dehusking Machine – CDM012

automatic coconut husk removing machine

Coconut Husk Coir / Fiber and Coco Peat Making Machine

coconut husk fiber cocopeat machine

Coconut Outer Shell Removing Machine | Coconut Desheller

coconut shell removing machine

Coco Peat Coconut Husk Chips 5KG Bricks Making Machine

cocopeat 5kg bricks making bale machine

Coco Peat Coconut Husk Chips Grow Bag Making Machine

Coco Peat Coconut Husk Powder Making Machine Engine Type

coconut husk fiber cocopeat machine

Coconut Husk Separation Machine For Husk Chips Machine

coconut husk separation machine

Coconut Oil Industrial Machines

Coconut Oil Expeller Domestic Machine – 5HP Non Automatic

Coconut Oil Expeller Machine sri lanka

Coconut Oil Expeller Extraction Machine – 10HP Non Automatic

Coconut Oil making Machine

Coconut Oil Expeller Extraction Machine – 10HP Automatic

coconut oil extraction sri lanka machine price

Coconut Oil Expeller Extraction Machine – 15HP Non Automatic

polthel machine

Coconut Oil Expeller Extraction Machine – 15HP Automatic

polthel hadana machine

Coconut Copra Cutter Machine For All Kind of Oil Machine

Coconut Copra Cutter Machine

Coconut Dryer Machine Automatic For Coconut Scrape

dryer machine sri lanka

Coconut Oil Filter Machine for Coconut Oil End Product

coconut oil filer machine sri lanka

Compost / Sawdust Making Machine

Wood Chipping Compost Machine: 5HP Domestic Electric Type

wood chipping machine sri lanka

Wood Chipping Compost Machine: 10HP Electric Type

Coconut Copra Cutter Machine

Wood Chipping Compost Machine Heavy: Engine Type

wood chipper machine sri lanka

Wood Chipping Compost Machine Heavy: Wheel Type

compost machine sri lanka

King Coconut Cutting Machine: Motor Type

king coconut cutter machine

Compost Crusher Powder Machine

Compost Crusher Powder Machine

Food Processing & Animal Feed Machine

Bread Crumb Crusher Powdering Machine

bread crusher machine sri lanka

Chaff | Grass Cutter Machine For Cow Motor

grass cutter machine for cow sri lanka

Chaff | Grass Cutter Machine For Cow Engine

grass cutter machine for cow sri lanka

Animal Chicken Feed Pallet Making Machine

Animal Chicken Feed Pallet Making Machine

Animal Waste | Cow Dung Crusher Machine

Peanut Sheller Machine Removing Husk

peanut peeling machine sri lanka

Peanut | Groundnut Harvesting Machine

Peanut Groundnut Harvesting Machine

Peanut Butter Pulp Making Machine

peanut butter making machine sri lanka

Grains Crusher Powder making Machine

chilli powder machine sri lanka

Vegetable Potato Cassava Slicer Machine

potato slicer machine sri lanka

Vegetable Grass Cutting Mini Machine

vegetable cutting machine sri lanka

Rice Processing Machine

Chilli Rice Powder Making Machine Flour Mill Machine

rice powder crusher machine sri lanka

Rice Paddy Sand Stone Removing Machine – Destoner

stone removing machine sri lanka

AI Powered Rice Paddy color sorting machine remove black rice

color sorting machine

Rice Paddy Collector Machine Sri Lanka – Store in Bags

paddy collecting machine

Do You Want to Buy Rice Mill in Sri Lanka?

rice mill machine sri lanka

Taking advantages of various domestic and foreign grain machineries, gravity sieving and hulling rice mill was manufactured by China to meet peasant households’ demands on rice processing through great quantities of practices. This type of latest high-efficiency and energy-saving products was researched successfully. It is equipped with various arrayed structures including automatic feeding, impurity cleaning, stone removal, rice hulling, crude bran separation and smashing, gravity rice sieving and separation, rice milling and polishing, polished rice screening and separation and so on. It adopts the new gravity screen deck to leave no residues, it can be used for small-scale processing and bulking processing of marketable grains.

Paddy Husk Remover Rice Mill Machine 5 in 1

rice mill machine sri lanka

1.The commercial rice milling machine is equipped with an advanced automatic feeding system ensuring a continuous and hassle-free operation. This feature saves time and effort by eliminating the need for manual feeding.
2. With its built-in capability to separate impurities and broken rice from the grains this machine guarantees the production of high-quality rice. It ensures that only clean and intact grains pass through, resulting in a refined final product.
3. This robust machine is designed for high yield production, allowing for the processing of large quantities of rice within
a short period. Its efficiency and productivity make it an ideal choice for commercial rice milling operations.

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Well, before placing an order you have to select the product you are looking for. For that you can refer our product catalog here. After that you can contact us to place an order and get your machine.

To check the product you can visit our main factory or a branch located in Sri Lanka. If you are abroad then you can order one sample machine to check the quality. If you ask for an inspection certificate we are able to provide you it with the machine.

If it is a machine, we will give you a hands-on training, Apart from that we will give all the manuals and videos.


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