Coconut Husk Chips Single Machine

Coconut Husk Chips Single Machine

Introduction of Single Coconut Husk Chips Cutting Machine Made By Coco Dreams Lanka

Coco Dreams Lanka is a company which located in Sri Lanka Kurunegala district. As a company, We have more than 5 years of experience in the field machine manufacturing. Some of them are coconut husk chips machine, coco peat machines, coconut powder machine, coconut copra machine, coconut oil extracting machine and much more…

Today, we are gonna note some features our main product coconut husk chips machine.

What are the features of Coconut husk chips machine?

coconut husk chips machine

  1. Safety – Before working with a machine, the employee should be safe from the running parts. In our machine there are good safety things such as electrical system, motor guard, belt guard and much more
  2. Nice finishing 
  3. Quality of coconut husk chips
  4. Any type husk can be cut – There are many type of coconut husks. But some machines cannot be used for cutting husk using dried husks. With our chips machine you can cut any type of coconut husks.
  5. Good durability – To keeping customer’s trust, We always use high quality materials for making the machine.
  6. Motor Capacity – 5HP induction motors are included in single machine. The motor can be single phase motor or three phase motor. It depends on the requirements you need.
  7. Steel blades are fixed
  8. No need to sieve again from a raisy net – Our machine’s output has a great quality. You should never sieve chips using a raisy net.
  9. We offer all of accessories
  10. High Speed – RPM is 1450. You can cut 3000 husks per 8 hours.
  11. Easy adjustable – The chips size can be adjustable from 5mm to 25 mm.

Overview of coconut husk chips machine

  • Color: Blue color (Lagoon)
  • Materials: Steel, alloy steel, iron, PI, etc
  • Motor: 5 HP motors
  • Chip sizes: 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 20mm, etc
  • Country of Origin: Sri Lanka
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Weight– 185 – 195 KG single machine

How to order an machine?


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coconut husk chips cutting machine

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